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Roscoe Woods

Steve Wood
  Executive V.P.

Gary Thomas
  Vice President

Kevin Osak
  Clerk Craft Director

Joe Wrobel
  Motor Vehicle Craft Director

Mike Gordon
  Maintenance Craft Director

Joe Gordon

Elaine Dunlap

John P. Smeekens
  Veterans Director

Lucy Morton
  OWCP Director

Richard Dale
  Human Relations Director

Tracey Kolossa
  Legislative Director

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Time and Attendance Collection System

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  TACS Training Materials in PDF format.

TACS Overview PowerPoint Slides - June 2, 2004

TACS Training PowerPoint Slides - January, 2002

TACS - Supervisor Training - Facilitator's Guide - Finance Payroll

TACS - Supervisor Training - Participant's Workbook - Finance Payroll

Supervisor's Quick Reference TACS Guide for Rural Carriers

TACS Reports - Participant's Workbook

TACS - Reports

List of Reports Generated by TACS

TACS - Timekeeper Training - Facilitator Guide

TACS Time and Attendance Clerk - Participant's Workbook

TACS Automated Timekeeping Interface Training - December 20, 2002

TACS Hours / Reasons Codes (Copy of Mousepad)

TACS Timecard User Guide - March, 2001

TACS - Finance Codes

TACS - Hours Codes

Hours Codes Definitions - Payroll Journals

TACS - Reasons Codes

TACS - MODS Numbers

MODS Operation Numbers - Appendix B - February 5, 2009

TACS - District Coordinator Participant's Workbook - January 12, 2001

TACS - Users' Guide

TACS AdjustPay Requirements - Payroll, Headquarters - May 1, 2008

TACS AdjustPay Quick Reference Guide - Payroll Accounting HQ - December 14, 2004

TACS AdjustPay SOP - January 8, 2004

TACS AdjustPay User Guide - Shared Services/Accounting

Adjustment Reason Codes - Common Combinations - Payroll HQ - February 15, 2009

Adjustment Reason Codes - Common Combinations - Payroll Accounting HQ - March 26, 2009

TACS Update - In February, 2007, Donahoe Requested Overtime Authorization Report by Authorizer Be Added to TACS - September 6, 2007


LDC/FON Codes and Their Descriptions- LTATS (Loan, Transfer and Training Hours)

LTATS Designation/Activity Code Chart

Loan, Transfer and Training System - LTATS - Associate Office User's Guide - PS Form 1236-A - Dallas District TACS - November, 2003

  These are examples of various reports in PDF format.

Active Operations Report - Sorted by LDC - TAC140R1

Employee Operation Error Report - TAC140R3

Badge Assignment Report - Active Badges - Sorted by: Employee ID - TAC050R1

Badge Type Listing Report - TAC050R3

Un-Assigned Badge Report - Current Unassigned Badges - TAC050R2

Clock Ring Error Report - Weekly - TAC800R1

Missing Time Report - Weekly - TAC800R2

Overtime and Leave Report - Weekly - TAC800R4

Overtime Alert - Weekly - TAC800R3

Raw Ring Error Report - Sort by: Poller/Network/Clock - TAC800R5

Ring Disallowance Report - Weekly - TAC800R6

Self Adjustment - Weekly Summary - TAC800R7

Tour Deviations Report - Weekly - TAC800R8

Unauthorized Overtime Report - Weekly - TAC800R9

Higher Level Authorized Report (Via Clock Rings) - Includes Deleted Authorizations - TAC500R1

Automatic Higher Level Report (Via Daily TA) - Weekly - TAC500R2

Carrier Moves Report - Weekly - TAC500RA

Employee Moves Report - Weekly by Operation - TAC500R6

Employee Everything Report - Weekly - TAC500R3

Employee File Comparison - TAC500R4

Higher Level Detail Report - Weekly - TAC500R8

Ltd. Duty / Rehab. Report - TAC500R9

Employee Listing Report - All Employees - TAC500R5

Employee on the Clock Report - Time Selected - TAC500R7

Finance Description Report - TAC100R4

Estimated Employee Dollars Report - Weekly - TAC100R1

Flash Reference Report - TAC100R5

LDC Summary Report - TAC100R2

Non-MH Casual Mail Handler Hours Report - TAC100R7

Station Summary Report - Weekly Summary - TAC100R3

Sub-Unit Description Report - TAC100R6

LTATS - Missing CAG A to G Report - TAC860R2

LTATS - Loaned Employee Report - TAC860R1

LTATS - Weekly Summary Report - TAC860R3

LTATS - Detail Estimated Transactions - TAC860R3

Miscellaneous Site Info Report - TAC160R1

Employee Not in Crossfoot - Weekly Summary - TAC840R1

Pay Period Report - TAC840R5

Pay Week Status Detail Report - Finance Summary - Missing Employees - TAC840R6

Pay Week Status Total Report - Finance Summary - All Office - TAC840R2

Weekly Form 1261 - TAC840R3

Weekly Hour Total Report - Summary for Week - Summary Level - Hours Code - TAC840R4

Daily Hours Report - Weekly Summary - TAC120R7

Guarantee Waivers / No Lunch Authorization - Weekly - TAC120R1

Manual Input of Holiday Leave Report - Weekly - TAC120R6

Hours Analysis Report - Weekly - TAC120R2

Hours Type Inquiry Report - Weekly - TAC120R3

Master Schedule Report - TAC120R4

Schedule Report - TAC120R8

SDO Overtime Report - Weekly - TAC800RA

Final Time Certification - Weekly Summary - TAC820R1

User Access Report - Summary Report - TAC010R1

User Log Report - TAC010R2

User Template Report - All Modules Description Report - TAC010R3

Valid Codes Report - TAC940R1

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TACS info provided courtesy of the Letter Carrier Network Site.

E-Mail links are intended for questions of a general nature and are not for formal administration of the grievance procedure. Individuals with specific questions and or problems must contact their steward within 14 days in order to protect grievance time limits.

The 480-481 Area Local maintains offices at 810 Livernois in Ferndale, Michigan 48220 and represents all APWU members in the following USPS installations: Almont, Allen Park, Anchorville, Belleville, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Brighton, Carleton, Chelsea, Clarkston, Clawson, Davisburg, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Fair Haven, Flat Rock, Garden City, Grosse Ile, Hartland, Hazel Park, Highland, Keego Harbor, Lake Orion, Marine City, Marysville, Michigan Call Center, Michigan Metroplex, Milan, Milford, Mt. Clemens, New Baltimore, New Boston, New Haven, New Hudson, Novi, Oxford, Pickney, Plymouth, Pontiac, Port Huron, Richmond, Rochester, Rockwood, Romeo, Romulus, Royal Oak, South Lyon, South Rockwood, St. Clair, Sterling Heights, Trenton, Union Lake, Utica, Walled Lake, Warren, Washington, Waterford, Wayne, Westland, Willis, Wixom, Wyandotte and Yale.

The Union office is normally open from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday and the telephone numbers are (248) 543-3262/3263/3264. The 24 hour number is (248) 543-3262. FAX: (248) 543-2750.