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Maintenance Craft Report

Mike Gordon

Heads up on Open Season

Open season for all Maintenance Craft employees is March 2015. This gives you the opportunity to take the maintenance tests and interview to promote. You can only apply for a position that you have never in-craft tested for. You can NOT take the open season test for a position if you already have an ineligible rating or you want to get a higher score by retaking the test. This opportunity only comes every three years so I strongly suggest you test regardless of your current occupational group assignment.

Getting Hired Off The Street

If you qualified for your position by getting "hired off the street" before the revamping of the MSS in June 2009, you are considered qualified as long as you stay in your duty assignment. Once you vacate your position you must take the RMSS test 955 to get an in-craft score to be used for the PER. Entrance ratings do not transfer to in-craft ratings. If you are considering stepping down to a lower level position I suggest you use Open Season to apply for the job you currently have. Keep in mind that everyone is qualified for custodial positions.

If you have an ineligible rating on either the old or new MSS then you must use the update process. This can be done every 120 days. Let your supervisor know you want to update and they will send your request to the Maintenance MSS Coordinator.

Custodial Backpacks

The MS 47-TL/5 is not going to be implemented this year at the Metroplex. We were not selected for testing this new cleaning standard.

Higher grade for PIV Trainers

ELM 417.331 General Requirement

A career employee who is temporarily assigned to a higher grade position must be assigned the primary or core duties and be directed to assume the major responsibilities of the higher grade position to be eligible for higher level pay under the conditions of this section.

All job instructors that are trainers for PIV must be paid higher level for the time you are instructing or observing practices. Keep track of your hours and make sure your supervisor puts your time in correctly.

Mike Gordon
Maintenance Craft Director


New Members

I would like to welcome all custodian PSE’s in Associate Offices. If you do not have the proper equipment to perform your job safely and efficiently then notify the union.

Overtime Desired Lists

I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer. As the cooler weather approaches, it’s time for the new overtime desired list. If you sign up for the overtime desired list you are expected to work as scheduled. There will be times when something unexpected comes up and you really can’t work. Some employees were told that if they couldn’t work every available opportunity for overtime that they had to get off the list. This just isn’t right. If management tries to make you get off the list then ask for a steward. Contract language from Article 8 is reprinted below.

Mike Gordon
Maintenance Craft Director


You are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer. In addition to being insecure, it will likely result in the contract extract below displaying incorrectly. For optimal web surfing and for your own protection please upgrade to a new browser.

Section 5. Overtime Assignments

When needed, overtime work for regular full-time employees shall be scheduled among qualified employees doing similar work in the work location where the employees regularly work in accordance with the following:

  1. Two weeks prior to the start of each calendar quarter, full-time regular employees desiring to work overtime during that quarter shall place their names on an “Overtime Desired” list.
  2. Lists will be established by craft, section, or tour in accordance with Article 30, Local Implementation.
    1. 1.
      1. When during the quarter the need for overtime arises, employees with the necessary skills having listed their names will be selected in order of their seniority on a rotating basis.
      2. Those absent or on leave shall be passed over.
  3. If the voluntary “Overtime Desired” list does not provide sufficient qualified people, qualified full-time regular employees not on the list may be required to work overtime on a rotating basis with the first opportunity assigned to the junior employee.
  4. Exceptions to C and D above if requested by the employee, may be approved by local management in exceptional cases based on equity (e.g., anniversaries, birthdays, illness, deaths).
  5. Excluding December, no full-time regular employee will be required to work overtime on more than four (4) of the employee’s five (5) scheduled days in a service week or work over ten (10) hours on a regularly scheduled day, over eight (8) hours on a non-scheduled day, or over six (6) days in a service week.
  6. Full-time employees not on the “Overtime Desired” list may be required to work overtime only if all available employees on the “Overtime Desired” list have worked up to twelve (12) hours in a day or sixty (60) hours in a service week. Employees on the “Overtime Desired” list:
    1. may be required to work up to twelve (12) hours in a day and sixty (60) hours in a service week (subject to payment of penalty overtime pay set forth in Section 4.D for contravention of Section 5.F); and
    2. excluding December, shall be limited to no more than twelve (12) hours of work in a day and no more than sixty (60) hours of work in a service week.

However, the Employer is not required to utilize employees on the “Overtime Desired” list at the penalty overtime rate if qualified employees on the “Overtime Desired” list who are not yet entitled to penalty overtime are available for the overtime assignment.


E-Mail links are intended for questions of a general nature and are not for formal administration of the grievance procedure. Individuals with specific questions and or problems must contact their steward within 14 days in order to protect grievance time limits.

The 480-481 Area Local maintains offices at 810 Livernois in Ferndale, Michigan 48220 and represents all APWU members in the following USPS installations: Almont, Allen Park, Anchorville, Belleville, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Brighton, Carleton, Chelsea, Clarkston, Clawson, Davisburg, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Fair Haven, Flat Rock, Garden City, Grosse Ile, Hartland, Hazel Park, Highland, Keego Harbor, Lake Orion, Marine City, Marysville, Michigan Call Center, Michigan Metroplex, Milan, Milford, Mt. Clemens, New Baltimore, New Boston, New Haven, New Hudson, Novi, Oxford, Pickney, Plymouth, Pontiac, Port Huron, Richmond, Rochester, Rockwood, Romeo, Romulus, Royal Oak, South Lyon, South Rockwood, St. Clair, Sterling Heights, Trenton, Union Lake, Utica, Walled Lake, Warren, Washington, Waterford, Wayne, Westland, Willis, Wixom, Wyandotte and Yale.

The Union office is normally open from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday and the telephone numbers are (248) 543-3262/3263/3264. The 24 hour number is (248) 543-3262. FAX: (248) 543-2750.